Oct 1, 2012

Menu Monday

as i mentioned yesterday; i am trying to get back on track with all that i put in my mouth (and my family's) so i sat down to make a menu this last weekend.  it was odd adding up my class work and seminars, the kids' stuff, daily routines and fun times to all of our meal times.  i am trying to save some money and not go out as much too with this.  it was really hard since my husband took my bag of Shakeology to the ship with him and i won't get my new bag until later this week *tear*  but i did it and so far we have stuck to our menu.  also, the farmers market stopped last week so i need to figure out what i'm going to do.  i think i may have to travel off island and go to Trader Joe's and Costco more often for produce.  in the past i would just make a list of 7 meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and cherry pick what i wanted to serve each day.  this plan works great if you don't have anything going on that day but, we have gotten hella busy the last few months and it's just going to get worse.  in fact, as i was figuring things out i realized we have something going on sun, tue, wed, thur and fri every week.  that's if i don't choose to take supplemental classes and if we don't do field trips or park days!  crazy, huh?

so here's my menu for the week:

Sun- eggs & bacon; leftovers; hamburger salad
Mon- primal muffins & eggs; lunch meat roll-ups & cheese; steak, sweet potato & salad
Tue- greek yogurt & fruit; veggie chips & hard boiled eggs; mexican stuffed peppers & quinoa
Wed- toast & greek yogurt; leftovers; chicken enchilada soup
Thur- fruit parfait; deviled eggs & lunch meat; BLAT & veggie chips
Fri- primal waffles; veggie chips & lunch meat roll-ups; beef & broccoli
Sat- egg cups & fruit; leftovers; veggie chili over cauliflower rice

snacks will be- kiwis, hard cheeses, apples or raw nuts

do you make a menu?  if not why not?  if so how do you go about doing it?  have you found that having one helps you with staying on track with your nutrition?  what's the hardest part about doing this for you?

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Marine Wife, Mommy & Life said...

What a COOL set up! Took me a minute though to find the follow button, but I dig it! Stopping by and following back from MMM Blog hop! :))

FitMommaD said...

i'm glad you like the set up..........maybe i should figure out a better way for people to follow me :/

thanks for the follow :)

Erica Giles said...

The hamburger salad has me intrigued. What is it?
Thanks for linking up to This Flourishing Life's Menu Monday :)