Oct 2, 2012

Tasty Tuesday

it's another tasty tuesday here at Healthy Ambitions, and i would love to share some wonderful recipe with y'all but we've been kind of boring the last week.  why?  well with hubby going back out to play navy for a while last week was a lot of quick meals, and leftovers because we were just busy getting last minute things together before he left again.  we did make hamburger salad a few times per request of the kids and hubby.  i love this meal for a few reasons.  first, it's SUPER easy to make!  i am in the kitchen less than 30 minutes, and dinner is on the table.  what more can a busy working mom ask for?  this is a great meal for football nights, PTA meetings, late night dinners, or even when it's just to dang hot to cook.  another reason i like this meal is it's cheap!  making a healthy meal does not mean you have to break the bank.  for a long time we have been a family on one income, and we still don't use my income for daily expenses.  basically we are a family of 5 on a paycheck (military pay check) of one, so i stretch pennies where i can.  another reason i like this recipe is that even my kids can make it.  C is my oldest and he's almost 12.  he LOVES to cook and this is such a quick meal he can cook, plate and serve this meal pretty much on his own.

hamburger salad (per salad)
1 chopped grass fed burger
2c chopped lettuce
.5 shredded carrot
.5 sliced tomato
top with mustard and/or mayonnaise

see how easy that is, and doesn't that just look YUMMY!!  it's nothing fancy, or complicated, but we love it.  my husband was very standoffish the first time i served this.  his response was "what! a hamburger with no bun?  have you lost your mind woman?"  granted, this was years back when we first started our journey to a primal lifestyle.  like i said, we have had this 3 times this last week, and the kids were actually bummed that i didn't add it but once to this week's menu lol i hope you enjoy this simple healthy meal as much as we do.  next week i will be sharing a crock-pot meal with y'all :-)

this week i have linked up with a few great blogs; The New Modern Momma (recipe swap) , Chubby Cheeks Thinks (a Twitter link up) and The Empowered Momma.  why don't you join the fun and hop on the link ups?  if you found me via one of these WELCOME, and please leave a comment (i love comments).  yes, this is still a new blog, but that doesn't mean i'm not going to rock your socks off :-)  you can follow me here (slide your mouse to your right and it will pop up), and on Twitter, and even FaceBook

i hope y'all have a TERRIFIC tuesday!


Allyson Bossie said...

This looks so yummy! We use only grass fed beef at our house, and we raise our own organic chickens and eggs. So scary what they are putting into food these days! I am your latest visitor returning the love from the Blog hop!

FitMommaD said...

welcome, and good for you to be able to do all that! i would love to be able to do the chicken thing but no such luck at the moment. glad you stopped by and i hope you make it a habit :-)

Empowered Momma J said...

I'm soo glad that you found the Empower Tuesday blog hop. I am following you now so I don't miss out on any of your delicious posts and tips. This momma loves easy peesie meals, so thank you. Hope you have you return next week.

FitMommaD said...

i sure will!
thanks, again, for hosting! i can't promise THIS easy of a meal each time but nothing super complicated. we are a busy family, like most, and i don't believe healthy food has to be complicated :-)

Candice said...

I've never had a hamburger salad. I've had a bunless burger patty with a side salad, but never thought to put them together. thanks for the idea and thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you back :)