Jul 30, 2012

Menu Monday

well, it's that time again people!  it's time for me to share our menu for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner times :)  are you going to try any of the things listed this week, or last week, for you and your family?  if so please share and let me know how it turns out :)

*this week i will be repeating breakfasts and lunches*

eggs in bell pepper cups topped with crab
eggs and peppered bacon
NOTmeal (grain free oatmeal)
primal pancakes and berries

lunch meat roll ups w/berries
shrimp salad
hardboiled eggs, yogurt and berries

veggie chips
greek yogurt w/berries
greek yogurt w/almond butter

crab and black bean tacos with cole slaw
bacon wrapped steak w/spaghetti squash and broccoli
grilled eggplant topped with burgers, cheese and yellow bell pepper
almond crusted salmon w/bok choy and spinach
steak, sweet potato and salad
steak fajitas with coleslaw
grilled pineapple chicken thighs & buttered garlic spaghetti squash

i can't WAIT see what we are able to find at the farmers market this week.  i am thinking of getting some beets or carrots.  suggestions??

i hope y'all are having a marvelous monday!

Jul 23, 2012

Menu Mondays

yes, yes, i know it's actually Motivation Mondays on my facebook and twitter but i don't want to kill a good thing :-)

starting this week i will be sharing my menu for the week, and maybe it will give you some ideas for your week's meals.  i do not plan mine until thursday evening; after i've returned with my spoils from the local farmers market.  last week i came back home with 4 huge bags of fresh fruits, vegetables and i even splurged and bought a fresh loaf of bacon cheese bread!  the picture doesn't quite do all the food justice but you get the idea.  also, by shopping local i'm able to save quite a bit.  between the flat of berries, pounds of greens, and other fruits/veggies i spent about $50 for over a weeks worth of fresh food for me and the 3 kids!  not bad right?  who said eat healthy has to be expensive :-) i will admit my morning meals are the same almost every single day

here's my menu for the week:


  • coffee w/creamer & handful of raw nuts (almonds, walnuts, pistachios) during the week
  • weekend breakfast is eggs & bacon with spinach

morning (post workout) snack

  • Chocolate Shakeology; i will add in a handful of berries, a few ounces of almond (or coconut milk)


  • salad with chicken breast
  • left overs
  • steak tacos & salad
  • 1/2 avocado w/salt and chicken breast
  • salad w/lunchmeat, cheese and tomato
  • green tomato, eggs and bacon
  • lunch meat roll ups, almond crisps and cheese


  • steak and salad
  • lemon chicken thighs, yams & green tomatoes 
  • mini turkey meatloaf, salad, cauliflower rice
  • london broil, roasted kale w/olive oil and salt
  • steak, salad and fruit
  • leftovers
  • pizza
  • berries and almonds
  • pretzel sticks and almond butter
  • aprium w/glass of almond milk
  • prunes
so that is what i eat, and the kids eat this as well.  i know it's hard sometimes to ensure we are eating the right things but remember that abs are made in the kitchen not the gym!  if you aren't fueling your body with the right things all the workouts in the world will not help you shed the fat! it's all about scheduling your food and your workouts just like anything else important in life.  

nutrition + fitness + support = success

i hope y'all have a motivating monday and do something GREAT with this wonderful week!


Jul 21, 2012

Passion......is it in you?

Passion; what does that word mean to you?

I never really sat and thought about it until a few months ago until a random conversation happened due to a harmless tweet (follow me on twitter).  I posted "man i love #TurboFire" and then it all happened.  Lydsi responded and started talking to me about Beachbody.  I had never really looked into the company until she friended me.  We started talking about nutrition, and just general fitness.  Now, I am no stranger to what it takes to win the battle of the bulge, or what it takes to stay fit in today's society.  Years back I was very heavy (over 200lbs) and was scared to death I would meet an early grave just like my mother did.  I decided right then, back in 2005, that I would change my life.  Little did I know that decision would lead me here; becoming a Beachbody coach, and going to school to become a Health Educator.

Yes, I lost over 60lbs back then and kept it off for years, until I got pregnant with my third child.  It's been almost a year since the birth of my last child, and I am proud to say; with the help of TurboFire, BrazilButtLift and Shakeology I am as healthy (if not more so), and tinier than I was before he was born!  In fact, I am as small as I was after the birth of my oldest over 11 years ago!  I am not doing any of this to get smaller, or lighter, or to make money (though the pay check is a bonus to me).  I am doing all of this to help YOU!!  I am a firm believer every one can become healthier, and a fitter person if they are given the right tools.  That's why I am here!  I am here to give you the tools to lead the healthy lifestyle you are secretly (or not so secretly) longing for!

Everyday I have a choice (so do you) to commit to being the best example of fitness, and health possible those around me.  Being fit doesn't mean being rail thin, or even a certain size.  Being fit/healthy means having fun, getting yourself (and your family) moving, and just enjoying a good life.  I have become the fit fun mom I've always wanted to be, and I love to talk to others/encourage them to find the fit person that is struggling to come out and play!

Everyday we are given a gift to learn something new.  Each morning we have the chance to enjoy a little bit more all of the beauty in this world........so get off the couch and do it!

Remember fit is a lifestyle NOT a destination!