Jul 21, 2012

Passion......is it in you?

Passion; what does that word mean to you?

I never really sat and thought about it until a few months ago until a random conversation happened due to a harmless tweet (follow me on twitter).  I posted "man i love #TurboFire" and then it all happened.  Lydsi responded and started talking to me about Beachbody.  I had never really looked into the company until she friended me.  We started talking about nutrition, and just general fitness.  Now, I am no stranger to what it takes to win the battle of the bulge, or what it takes to stay fit in today's society.  Years back I was very heavy (over 200lbs) and was scared to death I would meet an early grave just like my mother did.  I decided right then, back in 2005, that I would change my life.  Little did I know that decision would lead me here; becoming a Beachbody coach, and going to school to become a Health Educator.

Yes, I lost over 60lbs back then and kept it off for years, until I got pregnant with my third child.  It's been almost a year since the birth of my last child, and I am proud to say; with the help of TurboFire, BrazilButtLift and Shakeology I am as healthy (if not more so), and tinier than I was before he was born!  In fact, I am as small as I was after the birth of my oldest over 11 years ago!  I am not doing any of this to get smaller, or lighter, or to make money (though the pay check is a bonus to me).  I am doing all of this to help YOU!!  I am a firm believer every one can become healthier, and a fitter person if they are given the right tools.  That's why I am here!  I am here to give you the tools to lead the healthy lifestyle you are secretly (or not so secretly) longing for!

Everyday I have a choice (so do you) to commit to being the best example of fitness, and health possible those around me.  Being fit doesn't mean being rail thin, or even a certain size.  Being fit/healthy means having fun, getting yourself (and your family) moving, and just enjoying a good life.  I have become the fit fun mom I've always wanted to be, and I love to talk to others/encourage them to find the fit person that is struggling to come out and play!

Everyday we are given a gift to learn something new.  Each morning we have the chance to enjoy a little bit more all of the beauty in this world........so get off the couch and do it!

Remember fit is a lifestyle NOT a destination!

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