Oct 3, 2012

Get Up and Dance

is it just me or does everyone have a love hate relationship with wednesday?  i mean, when we wake up we realize "hey it's almost the weekend" and then you go "oh, but the day is JUST beginning so i'm really no closer to the weekend" *sad face*  these thoughts don't just go through MY mind now do they?

wednesdays are traditionally busy around here and this month is no different.  i refer today as hump day because i always seem to be busting hump to accomplish all on my "to do" list each week.

for instance; here is today's schedule--i have several clients to call, skype, email and check into (so happy to add this to my list of things); the big kids are working on Geometry, Science, Current Events and Spelling today; i have YogaX to get in; bills to pay; work on my business some more; studying to get in; a hour long seminar to get in; it's the beginning of my school week; dojo for the big kids; basic cleaning; diapers to wash.  i know when i type it out it doesn't seem like a lot but i started running around 5 and i will be going until 10, 11 tonight!  the only thing that kind of bothers me is my seminar because the professor is a stickler.  you MUST stay the entire 60 min or you get a big fat zero!  wouldn't be a big issue if it wasn't at such a bad time.  see, i asked for class on any day/time other than a few and of course i received both classes and very inopportune times/days.  today's class is the worst though because the big kids have dojo at 5:45 and my class starts at 5 *ugh*  we may just switch their dojo to Sun instead of Wed but then i run across the same issue but on the tail end of class. it would be easier if hubby was home, but he's not.  such is life as a navy wife right?  i don't like being overbooked; especially when it's not my fault, and beyond my control.  i know it will all work out one way or another.

despite knowing i am slammed with stuff today i am in a FAN-FREAKI-TASTIC mood!!  i've been jamming to Swedish House Mafia since 5 (it's almost 7).  i even received a text message at 430 from hubby so it's a GREAT day <3  what's that???  you don't know who Swedish House Mafia is!!  well let me share one of my fav groups with you today.  hopefully it gets you up and dancing around the room like it does me :-)


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