Oct 5, 2012

Fun Friday

oh looky, looky what day it is!!  it's another round of FUN FRIDAY people!!  there is a cool crispness in the air the last few days here in WA and i can't WAIT to get out there and enjoy it with my kids today!  each week, on FUN FRIDAY, i challenge y'all.   i want y'all to get out there and do something that makes you smile, laugh, and just enjoy life today!  it doesn't have to be anything big, because remember that even baby steps are steps in the right direction.

if you're stumped for ideas here you go:
grab some chalk and start drawing on the sidewalk
go pick some apples
go for a walk along the shoreline
take your dog for a run
play board games, or cards with your family
go attend a live concert
find a farmers market today and walk around
throw together a pot-luck with some neighbors
treat yourself to some frozen yogurt

see the possibilities are ENDLESS!  just get out there and do something that makes you smile ladies and gentlemen :-)

here's a fun friday song for y'all:

tomorrow is Shakeology Saturday, and my RockStar ShoutOut!  If you want to be included in my RockStar ShoutOut tomorrow go find me on Twitter, MyFitnessPal, FaceBook, or even on TeamBeachBody and say "I was a fitness/healthy RockStar because........."  as i always say; even baby steps are steps in the right direction.  so did you drink your water goal once this week?  did you eat cleaner this week than last?  did you get in 3 workouts instead of 2 this week?  did you loose .25lb this week?  did you run a marathon this last week?  did you stick to your calories all week long?  did you get enough sleep all week long to help repair your body?  see, it doesn't take much and every little bit counts.  so what are you waiting for?  let me know so i can add you to my RockStar ShoutOut on saturday!   in honor of Shakeology Saturday i have a special treat planned for y'all tomorrow so stay tuned!

this friday i've decided to join in on a few blog hops (the more the merrier right?), so if you've found me through one of them welcome!  be sure to let me that you stopped by and what you think of Healthy Ambition.  if you have your own blog why not link up to this great people: Posh on a Budget, Chubby Cheeks Thinks, and and An Island Life.  

have a FABULOUS FRIDAY y'all *waves*

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