Oct 11, 2012

Excitement is in the Air!!

do you feel that?!?!  can you feel the electricity in the air today?  oh i can!!  see today is the DAY people!!  today is the day Asylum 2 comes out!  i am super excited about this for so many reasons but the biggest being this has launched the day for 2 new Challenge Groups i'm hosting!  they are filing up FAST too!

what is a Challenge Group?  well, simply put is a great support group!  it's a group of 5-10 people all starting a fitness program and lifestyle change all at the same time.  i help motivate y'all and we talk about our daily challenges; wether they be eating right, drink enough water, finding time to workout, issues with a certain workout, or whatever.  we all go through the program day by day with one another.  everyone is working towards a common goal; becoming a fitter person and a healthier person!  there is no success without support :-)
i am running 2 Challenge Groups that start in November.  the first one is a 120 Day program i've named "The Road to the Asylum!"  we will start by loosing our minds with 60 days of Insanity.  this is a great program that helps you on your road to becoming an athlete! if you are just starting to workout this program is for you!  just as we think we are sane we realize it was all a joke and batty, so we must bust out of the Asylum for 30 days!  Asylum is a hard core workout and a great way to just see the fat peel off of you.  after Asylum you will be a new person but soon realize that you still have one more wing in the Asylum to get through with Asylum2!  Asylum2 is a hardcore workout and a great advanced program that comes out TODAY!!  ShaunT is a hardcore motivator and a wonderful person to invite into your home to help you train.  for a special treat, Apolo Ohno is in Asylum2!

my second Challenge Group has been dubbed "Busting out of the Asylum" and is a 60 day program consisting of Asylum and Asylum2.  this group is for those who are in a little better shape (maybe you've already done Insanity, P90X or have been working out for a while) or those who just like to jump in for a challenge from day one!

either way each of these Challenge Groups are going to be a BLAST but they are filing up FAST!  do one of these groups call out to you?  let me know via Twitter, Facebook or here and i would be glad to give you more information.  but don't wait to long because i have less than 5 slots between them both!!

have a thrilling thursday y'all *waves*

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