Oct 6, 2012

3 Day Cleanse Challenge

i am super excited to announce that i can now offer y’all a wonderful way to not only try Shakeology, but clean out your body as well.  how?  by offering you a 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse Pack.  i know there are a lot of detox programs out there (and i’ve tried many of them) but i can honestly say that i’ve never had the results like i have from Shakeology.  before i get to the results both my husband and i had; let me explain the benefits and reasons why everyone should do a cleanse at least a few times a year.
why do a cleanse:  simply put; we live in a toxic world and are surrounded by chemicals, poor quality foods, and pollution on a daily basis.  all of these toxins enter our bodies, and although our liver (and other organs) work hard to remove toxins, it can become overloaded.  once toxins get backed up your body can become sluggish; you may experience a lack of energy, weight issues, and other health problems.  cleansing is not something new; in fact people have been doing it for centuries.  when you do a cleanse it helps give your body a break and provides it with the nutrients it needs to get back to its peak.  many doctors believe you should cleanse regularly but how often is a personal preference.  some people like to do it with the changing of the seasons or just every 6 months. 
cleanse benefits:  why you choose to complete a 3 day cleanse with Shakeology is up to you, but a number one reason is to lose weight.  the overage weight loss is 5-7lbs.  that’s pretty impressive if you think about shedding that much gunk over a weekend.  not only is weight loss a benefit but many people noticed increased energy levels, better skin, and just improved overall health and wellness.  

my personal experience:  both hubby and i have tried the 3 day cleanse.  i was worried that my milk supply would go down fasting but since it’s safe to do water fasting while nursing i figured Shakeology is WAY more beneficial than just water for 3 days!  not only did my supply not diminish but it increased by the second day!  i had tons of energy as well, my digestive tract got on track, my skin tone evened out, and i lost 5lbs!  i wasn’t trying to loose the weight i just wanted to flush my system since i have not done any for of cleanse since right before i became pregnant with BabyL almost 2 years ago.  i like to flush my system with the changing of the seasons but i was leery on what i could do while breastfeeding BabyL.  so as soon as summer rolled around i did my cleanse.  hubby came home and noticed how great i looked, and how much energy i had, so he wanted to try it too.  i set him up on a duty day and off he went!  he was very skeptical and VERY surprised after just the first day.  hubby lost 8lbs, several inches and gained so much more!  he finally found the energy that was missing for many months.  he started craving whole clean foods again.  he was sleeping great again.  he just finally felt whole again.  he told me after it was all done that now he craves Shakeology because of this cleanse.  he feels so much better now and has kept the weight off (so have i) which was great motivation for him to get back into the healthy lifestyle he’s been longing for.  

what is the 3 day cleanse:  you are still getting to eat, all day long in fact, but it’s a little less planing and thought on your part for a few days :-)    the 3 day cleanse is very easy if you think about it in a 3-2-3 rule.  what’s the 3-2-3 rule?  well here it is:

  • 3 Shakeology shakes per day 
  • 2 snacks per day (can be fruit)
  • 2 cups of green tea per day
  • 2L (or more) of water a day
  • Dinner is a salad with 2c of fresh greens and 3oz of lean white grilled protein (fish or poultry) per day

now you may not loose weight on the cleanse but you will clean all that backed up gunk in your system, and isn’t that what we are all about here?  aren’t we all just trying to get on the path to a healthier lifestyle?

when you order your challenge pack from me you will receive: all the Shakeology you need for the program, a Shakeology shaker bottle, detailed instructions, individual support from me, and a special surprise gift!  all of this is delivered to your door for $55 and free shipping!!  so what are you waiting for?  let’s get this party started!!  i already have a few people ready to do a 3 day cleanse in November, so you won't be alone!  do you want to join the challenge group too?  let me know here via comments, email, Twitter, or FaceBook if you are interested because you can only order these 3 day cleanse challenge packs directly through me!  let's get healthy together people!
hope y'all have a stellar saturday *waves*

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