Sep 30, 2012

New Month

when a new month starts to do you think it is the start of a new you?  many people think that monday is the day to start their new workout and eating plan.  some (like me) like to switch things up every month or so.  i tend to do a lot of things on the 1st of each month; pay rent, pay for the kids dojo, deep clean the house, redo the kids chore chart, look over the homeschooling agenda for the month and reevaluate my eating habits and/or my workout plan.  since i've started using W.O.W.Y. SuperGym i don't really change up my workouts but every 3months or so because they keep it SO interesting!  i'm now doing P90x and have been for almost a month.  i am starting to see changes in my body.  i'm starting to get my pecs back which is *sing-song* AWESOME!!!!

well, then, since my workouts are taken care of for me i guess it's time to double check my eating plans right?  that's what i did over the last week while hubby was home.  life is hectic right now (but wouldn't it be boring if it weren't) between my college courses, homeschooling the kids, sports for the kids and trying to find family/me/date time every day.  some days there just doesn't seem to be time to cook so we have been going out to eat a LOT.  even though we were i was choosing healthy options for us all.  for example: yesterday the kids and i went to Red Robin *yummmmm* and here is what we all ordered...........C (11.5) ordered a turkey burger w/cheese in a lettuce wrap and a side of broccoli; MK (9) ordered a grilled cheese on wheat w/side salad and blue cheese on the side; i had the tavern burger w/bacon, took off half the bun (gave it to BabyL lol), and only ate half the burger and less than half the fries.  we all had water to drink too.  that's all very good healthy options for dinning out :-)  and, no there was NO prompting from me with the kids meals that's just how we eat.  well in an effort to save money and to really get back on track i did some research and found a lot of healthy crock-pot, easy do the night before and quick meals for our menu.  some of my class work is early in the morning and if you miss breakfast it seems to throw the WHOLE day off ya know?  with my list in hand we headed off the island and went to Costco, Target and Trader Joe's with a mission!  i was bound and determined to find all the things on my list to make my life, our meals and days easier and healthier!  i accomplished it too and within budget!  i found beans, raw almonds, pistachios, tons of great veggies (even baby cucumbers that BabyL and i just adore), greek yogurts, bacon and OH SO MUCH MORE!!  i still need to go and grab a few things today to finish out the next few weeks but i'm really proud of myself for doing this.  since C is trying to do P90X with me (well the cardio and plyo stuff) and MK likes to do yoga i need to really make sure they are getting the food to fuel their growing bodies for sure.  BabyL is starting to eat more and more food now (he still nurses 3-5 times a day) and i was not happy when i realized all he wanted was breads, beans and cereal the last few weeks.  nutrition is MY thing and i want to make sure i pass along the right ideas to my children.  now to see if we stick to the menu hahahaha

do you make a menu or schedule out your meals each week?  have you found a website or app that makes it a bit easier for you?  do you feel as lost as i do when you don't have a menu for the week?  do you feel having it all planned out helps you succeed with your fitness and nutrition goals?  i would LOVE to hear what y'all have been doing!

hope y'all have a SPECTACULAR SUNDAY and (if you're a football fan) your team brings home a big win today too!!

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