Sep 19, 2012

Bring It!!

if you ever worked out with me, talked to me about starting a challenge group, discussed getting fit with me or anything else that might be deemed "challenging" you've heard me say "well let's bring it" or "lets do this!"  i love a challenge and it was time for me to challenge myself with my fitness program.  i have done BrazilButtLift, TurboFire and a hybrid of those programs since November last year.  those programs have helped me go from 168 to 145 and loose over 15inches.  don't get me wrong, i am MORE than happy with my results.  i am smaller, tighter, fitter, and healthier than i have EVER been in my adult life (thank you Team BeachBody) but i knew it was time for a change.  so i jumped on the P90X bandwagon!

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i bought this program years ago for myself and my hubby.  he never finished it (but saw some great results) and i never started it.  as i pulled the discs out and stared at the intimidating black and grey label i said to myself "nothing to it! you can do it!" and that was THAT and i began my P90X adventure!  I am now coming up towards the end of week 2 and i LOVE it!  i am doing the lean program because i am interested in seeing just how lean i can get my body.  after 3 kids your body composition changes; your hips and rib cage tend to get larger and never seem to go back *booo* but i am pretty happy with the small results i have seen so far.  i will tell you one thing P90X ain't no joke!!

i know i'm in good shape but it made me feel like the total opposite!  you know you've had a kick butt workout when you CAN NOT hold your abs in when you walk around later that day lol  it's just another chapter in my fitness life :-)  if you have ever done P90X what did you think?  hard/challenging or not, it should come to no surprise that i have fallen head over heals for this program!!

here is my starting point as of last week:
Weight- 147lbs
Waist- 27.8
Hips- 38
Chest- 37.4
Bicep R/L- 11.8/11.5
Thigh R/L- 20.5/20.8
Body Fat- 18.4%

here is my goal at the end of P90X:
Weight- 140lbs
Waist- 25
Hips- 36 
Chest- 36
Bicep R/L- 10/10
Thigh R/L- 18/18
Body Fat- 17%

as you can see, i have some symmetry issues that i am hoping P90X will help me with.  i have no real goals because i am happy with where i am at body composition wise.  but i did put in goals over at W.O.W.Y. SuperGym (the same as i just posted here.  you can always follow and cheer me on at MyFitnessPal, W.O.W.Y. SuperGym, Twitter (oh and i have the awesome cool new profile so if nothing else go check that out!) and/or Facebook.

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