Sep 21, 2012

Fun Friday

around our house we celebrate Fun Friday each week.  during the school year it's a little more exciting.  see, we homeschool so Fun Friday means that we will do our tests for the week and then it's fun time!!  we will play board games, watch movies, go on hikes or anything else the kid with the highest test score chooses.  it's a GREAT way to kick off the weekend and lead us into family day on saturday.  i like to challenge everyone of you to try something fun and new this awesome Fun Friday!  make it something that motivates you to get fit and/or eat healthy!

here are some ideas:
  • go on a hike
  • jump rope
  • flash light tag
  • find new cookbook to try out 
  • go to the beach
  • Zumba
  • go on a nature walk
  • swing
  • play hopscotch 
  • go to a museum and learn something new
the possibilities are endless!!  today the kids and i will be going on a bike ride (it's our new family obsession) and then the hubby and i will be going to a work function where we get to get all dressed up and go dancing after dinner!  fun times in our house today!!

have a FANTASTIC FRIDAY y'all!!

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